Children's Museum of Virginia

Portsmouth Museum and
Fine Arts Commission

The Museum and Fine Arts Commission is the consultant and advisor to the City Council on all museum and fine art activities and programs.  The Commission serves as advisor to the City Council on the management of the City museums.

Individuals appointed to the Museum & Fine Arts Commission are expected to demonstrate their support of the City Council goals and the Museums’ mission statements through attendance at the Museums’ functions which number approximately two per month; through Museum membership, recruitment of new members, and support of fundraising events; and through volunteer service, which includes serving on a standing committee.

The Commission is composed of fifteen members who shall be citizens of the City and are appointed by City Council.

Commission Meetings

The Commission meets the first Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Children’s Museum of Virginia at 221 High Street or in the Museum Administration Building at 521 Middle Street.  The Commission does not meet in July and December.



2014-2015 Executive Board


Chairman: Robert K. Scholes
Vice-Chairman: Cecilia E. Kelly
Secretary: Karen C. Burgess

2014-2015 Members

  • Mrs. Kathy K. Batkin
  • Mrs. Claudette Blount
  • Ms. Sandra A. Boone
  • Mr. Joseph C. Brown
  • Ms. Karen Burgess
  • Ms. Cecilia Kelly        
  • Mr. Donte’ Owens
  • Ms. Leslie M. Parker
  • Mr. Anthony I. Riley
  • Mr. Robert K. Scholes
  • Mr. Bryant Thomas
  • Mr. David S. Warren


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Gladstone Hill Friend of the Arts Award Nominations Now Being Accepted

Download the award nomination form here for the 2015 recipient.

Gladstone Hill Friend of the Arts Award Recipients

  • 2014
    Martha F. Fortson
  • 2013
    Barbara Vincent
  • 2012   
    Ms. Grace M. Armistead
  • 2011   
    Dr. John O. Joyce 
  • 2010   
    Mr. Kenneth R. Woolard 
  • 2009   
    Mr. & Mrs. John Larcombe
  • 2008   
    Captain George Watkins
  • 2007   
    Olde Towne Business Association
  • 2006   
    Mrs. Jean H. Shackelford 
  • 2005   
    Mr. William S. Hargroves 
  • 2004   
    Dr. Pamela C. Kloeppel 
  • 2003   
    Mr. J. Robert Burnell
  • 2002   
    Mrs. Zelma G. Rivin
  • 2001   
    Portsmouth Community Concerts
  • 2000   
    Ms. Ida Kay Jordan 
  • 1999   
    Dr. Richard Singletary 
  • 1998   
    Mrs. Betty Lambdin 
  • 1997   
    Mrs. E. Ann Stokes
  • 1996   
    Mr. & Mrs. Alf J. Mapp, Jr.
  • 1995   
    Mrs. Jean Oast  
  • 1994   
    Mr. John Paul Hanbury  
  • 1993
    Dr. & Mrs. Gladstone M. Hill