Children's Museum of Virginia

Lancaster Antique Train and Toy Collection
Children's Museum of Virginia

Designed to look like a train depot platform, railway tracks guide visitors from the "platform area" toward the main Lancaster exhibit and collection.

Tots will enjoy the Thomas and Friends play area.

Thomas and Friends area

They layout is a representation of the state of Virginia and contains four geographical features that are distinctly Virginia:

  • the City of Portsmouth
  • the City of Roanoke
  • the City of Richmond
  • the Blue Ridge Mountains


Downtown Portsmouth cityscape


Fun facts:

  • Numbers of trains in display cases: 814
  • Number of trains active in the layout:
    8 mainlines
  • Square feet of track: approximately 610
  • Number of people in the display: approximately 500
  • Number of animals: approximately 200
  • Number of cars: approximately 160
  • Number of trees: over 750 hand made trees and over 300 store bought trees